Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

Children are the biggest concern in nearly every divorce case. The needs and interests of children take priority over property and asset division in the eyes of parents and in the eyes of the family law court. Your children depend on you for care and development, and their well-being is our greatest concern.

In a divorce proceeding, children are very vulnerable and easily confused. In a best-case scenario, you and your spouse will come to a favorable custody settlement through mediation or negotiation.

In reality, however, many custody cases are contentious. Each parent wants more time with the children than the other and greater say in their children's lives. Each wants the flexibility that allows parents to live with more freedom than in marriage.

Successful Child Custody Agreements Begin With Realistic Expectations

It takes an experienced and talented lawyer to effectively advocate for your goals in crafting a custody and visitation agreement that fits your needs and protects your children's best interests.

The best possible custody agreement is not always reflective of the terms you hoped to achieve. Ongoing collaboration and a certain level of cooperation with your ex-spouse will be necessary for success. At the Law Offices of Vickers, White, and Griffin, PLLC, our Montgomery child custody lawyers fight for you and your children. We strive for agreements that set a positive and enforceable foundation for the rest of your lives.

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Fighting For Your Children's Safety

Our attorneys serve clients with family law issues throughout the Alabama River Region and across the Florida Panhandle. We help to forge civilian and military child custody agreements.

Our guidance through the complexities of child support guidelines, setting visitation schedules and determining the best possible physical custody arrangement for your children is invaluable. The agreements you solidify during divorce proceedings will affect your family for years to come.

We assist our clients with all custody issues, including:

  • Determination of physical custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Interstate and intrastate custody agreements (relocation)
  • Adoptions
  • Modifications
  • Dependency actions
  • Neglect and abuse

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