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Delayed onset pain often means serious injuries

After a car accident, you may think that you somehow got away without any serious injuries, and may even choose to forego getting a proper medical examination. After all, if you weren't injured, why should you go to the trouble of a professional medical screening?

While this might seem like a smart time and cost-saving measure, you may have injuries you don't yet know about. In many cases, certain injuries may lead to delayed onset pain. This means that you may not feel any pain or discomfort for days or even weeks after the accident. Delayed onset pain often indicates very serious injuries, and if you don't get proper medical treatment soon, they could leave you with long-term damage or even turn fatal.

It's always tragic when bus, truck or car accidents involve teens

Many Alabama high school parents know what it's like to send their young sons and daughters off on trips with other chaperones. School field trips, sporting events and beach trips are not uncommon among today's high school students. Some students also get the opportunity to travel abroad on mission trips. When bus, truck or car accidents occur en route, parents' lives are completely devastated in an instant if they learn their own sons or daughters were involved.

This is just what happened for families of dozens of young people and their adult supervisors on a recent Thursday afternoon. Dozens of travelers were riding a bus that was transporting them to an airport. Upon arrival, they were to board a plane headed for Africa.

Car accidents involving prominent community members tragic

When a well-known member of an Alabama town is killed in a fatal motor vehicle collision, it usually has a long-lasting impact on the entire community. A radio engineer, known and highly respected in the industry, and his wife were both recent victims in a terrible crash. Those deemed to have caused the accident were arrested and charged with serious crimes. These types of car accidents are always tragic, especially when they may have been preventable.

It all began when two suspects were accused of stealing a car. Police pursued them and a high-speed chase ensued. When the chase reached a particular intersection, a crash between the allegedly fleeing vehicle and another sports utility vehicle in the vicinity occurred. One person said he was greatly shocked to hear of the broadcast engineer's death because he had just been with him at a Ham radio convention a couple weeks ago.

Alabama officer says children suffering in car accidents is worst

Some Alabama roads seem to be more dangerous than others when it comes to motor vehicle travel. In fact, following a horrendous crash on Highway 79, the coroner said it was one of six fatal car accidents in one week's time. Several people died in the recent collision, which involved two vehicles and a teenage driver.

A State of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency trooper who was sitting inside his home at the time said he never even heard the crash. However, what he did hear (and see) in the moments and hours that followed are etched in his mind. The officer said he'll never forget the sound of a woman screaming for someone to help her babies.

Full speed ahead toward justice after Alabama car accidents

Traveling in excess of posted speed limits on Alabama roads is not only unsafe, it's against the law. Many motorists know how unsettling it can be when a speeding vehicle screeches to a stop, inches away from one's bumper in traffic. Some drivers are also aware of the pain and devastation that can result when such attempts to come to abrupt halts fail, resulting in car accidents that leave one or more people severely injured.

Incidents like this are often found to have been entirely preventable were it not for the poor driving choice to fly along in traffic well above the legal speed limit. The sounds of squealing brakes and crashing metal often haunt recovering accident victims for years. Anger and frustration often sets in when they think of how easily the other drivers could have avoided the collisions. Criminal charges are often filed against reckless drivers who cause accidents that result in injury.

What are the long-term consequences of my DUI conviction?

When a Montgomery police officer arrests you on a drunk driving charge, it can be very frightening going through the process of getting booked in jail. Maybe you were just driving home from a party, or driving home from work, when you were suddenly surprised by the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Maybe you innocently lost control of your vehicle, and police suspected you of being drunk when you definitely were not.

As you're waiting in the jail cell to be released, you will have a lot to think about. Perhaps the most important issues you'll want to think about during this time are the many long-term consequences of DUI that you could face if a criminal court convicts you of the offense.

Trucking accidents often cause lengthy delays on Alabama roads

Alabama travelers don't always reach their destinations on time. Sometimes, highways heavily laden with traffic or poor weather conditions are the reason. Other obstacles may cause significant travel delays as well, such as trucking accidents or construction work on the road.

A recent collision occurred on Alabama 13 that caused traffic problems for almost four hours. As is often the case in such situations, a detour was set up to re-direct traffic flow away from the scene. Sadly, there was one fatality involved in the tragic accident.

Hoisting the sails of justice after Alabama boating accidents

Alabama waterways are often full of tourists and residents seeking a little rest and relaxation from their busy lives. From fishing expeditions to water skiing or cruises, time on the water is often enjoyable and refreshing. When boating accidents occur, however, all the fun can quickly drain away.

Generally speaking, since boaters do not typically wear any type of seat restraints, the chances for injury if collisions occur remains high. The road to recovery is often long and arduous for those who suffer severe injuries in water vessel collisions. The care needed to achieve full recoveries is usually quite expensive; many boat accident victims are completely unprepared to meet such costs.

Alabama car accidents often prompt extensive investigations

When two or more motor vehicles collide on an Alabama roadway, the exact cause of the crash is not always immediately apparent. When car accidents prompt more questions than answers, investigators may have to start back at square one to find out what happened. The investigation following a recent incident remains ongoing at this time.

The accident involved four vehicles and occurred on Alabama 59. One was a small Toyota Camry, and another other was a Department of Corrections van that happened to be transporting seven inmates on work release. These two vehicles collided in a terrible head-on collision. The drivers of both vehicles were listed in critical but stable conditions. The drivers of two other vehicles that were traveling behind the van tried to avoid the crash, but were unable to do so. 

Sifting through the aftermaths of Alabama trucking accidents

Alabama roadways are often busy, stressful places. Especially when motorists must navigate their paths alongside massive tractor-trailers, traveling state highways can be downright frightening. When trucking accidents occur, families are often left picking up the pieces.

Upon learning of the unexpected deaths of two loved ones, members from one Alabama family arrived at an accident scene after a recent Friday collision. They were mourning the loss of a 30-year-old man and his 70-year-old grandmother. The two beloved family members were killed in a horrific crash with a tractor-trailer.

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