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Is my business marital property?

When a couple chooses to divorce, risks that neither of them ever considered shift to the forefront, often leaving one or both spouses scrambling to protect themselves and their property from potentially devastating property division.

Because a divorce is very similar to a dissolving a business relationship, the court requires the couple to agree on fair terms for dividing up any property that counts as "marital property." Of course, determining what exactly is marital property is not always as easy as one might think.

Alabama troopers don't always have answers re trucking accidents

When Alabama police officers and rescue workers are called to the scene of an accident, they aren't always able to determine the exact cause of a particular incident. Sometimes, investigators must work long and hard to piece together possible details that may have led to a collision. When those injured in trucking accidents identify others as possibly liable for their injuries, waiting for investigations to conclude can be very stressful.

A recent tragedy occurred near an airport, which, as most know, tends to be an area prone to high traffic. This particular incident involved a tractor-trailer and two other vehicles.  It was a Wednesday morning when the crash occurred, although the exact cause has not yet been determined. The truck driver in the 3-vehicle accident remained unscathed in the collision; however, not everyone was so fortunate.

Who determines who's legally accountable for car accidents?

When you're driving on an Alabama roadway and another vehicle suddenly collides with yours, life as you knew it may never be the same. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may spend the following weeks, months (even years) in doctors' offices, physical therapy centers and perhaps counseling sessions if you are struggling to overcome the emotional trauma of the accident. Car accidents often become etched in victims' minds forever, as though a tape recording is stuck and keeps replaying itself over and over again.

It's no secret that many motor vehicle collisions result in fatalities. For those who survive their injuries, the road to recovery may be long and arduous. This often begs the question, especially in situations where another motorist was negligent, who should carry the financial burden associated with a particular incident.

Details often sketchy in car accidents involving multiple cars

Alabama investigators often face tremendous challenges trying to determine what the leading causal factors of a particular motor vehicle collision might have been. Especially in car accidents involving several vehicles, the exact cause, and whether any one motorist in particular was responsible, is not always immediately apparent. In fact, these types of investigations can take weeks or even months; then again, some questions may remain unanswered forever.

Four separate cars reportedly collided recently in Shelby County. The crash occurred just outside a local fire station. It was approximately 3 p.m. when the vehicles smashed into one another, creating a chaotic, stressful scene. Various law enforcement and safety/rescue departments responded to the scene.

Many Alabama boating accidents occur during summer months

Out of all the seasons of the year, there are typically more boaters on the waters of Alabama during summer months. Many vessels are fishing boats, others are used solely for recreation, such as water skiing or tubing. Regardless of what type of crafts are being used, those on the water are always at risk for boating accidents, at some times more than others.

If a boat captain is negligent in some way, it places everyone aboard at risk for injury. In fact, many waterway collisions involve boaters who failed to adhere to safety regulations, perhaps driving at excessive speeds or operating their boats under the influence of alcohol, etc. When this behavior causes injury to others, those afflicted often seek justice in court by filing personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed responsible.

Boating accidents more likely in certain situations

Many Alabama readers are familiar with the phrase, "Whatever floats your boat," with regard to making personal choices in life. The phrase especially applies to situations where someone may not agree with another person's decision but acquiesces to the idea that he or she has the right to make the decision in the first place, whether anyone supports it, or not. The whatever-floats-your-boat attitude doesn't work so well when it comes to boating on Alabama waterways, however; lack of knowledge and training can increase the risk of boating accidents.

There are strict rules and regulations regarding operation of water vessels in this state. A person cannot simply get an inkling to drive a boat and take off on the water without knowing the laws. For instance, no person under age 12 can drive a boat for any reason. In fact, only those age 14 and beyond who possess valid boating licenses may operate boats alone.

3 ways to help your child cope with divorce

Your child didn't decide to get a divorce, but he's going through it with you. As a parent, it is important to make sure your child feels secure during the changes that are coming. Your child may feel overwhelmed or lash out in response to the changes, but there are a few ways you can help him adjust to divorce.

Even if your son doesn't seem to have a problem with the divorce, it's a good idea to talk to him about the changes that are coming. Since children like to feel like they are in control, this will help you ease into the transition. Here are a few other helpful tips for dealing with divorce.

Boating accidents often result in catastophic injuries

Many Alabama residents (as well as visitors) enjoy spending time on the water during summer months. Whether people own their own boating vessels or pay for commercial rides, the open seas and smaller waterways are often crowded with pleasure-seekers in June, July and August. As with motor vehicle traffic on highways, the more crafts sharing waterways, the greater chances are of boating accidents occurring.

Also similar to motor vehicle travel, avoiding a boating mishap is often more likely for those who remain alert and do their research ahead of time regarding pertinent boating regulations and guidance to avoid seafaring disasters. Some people simply do not realize the risks involved with boat travel, such as running out of gas, getting stranded, electrical fires or collisions with other boats. Some situations are easily avoidable, such as by checking to make sure there's enough fuel in the tank before heading out to sea.

What if car accidents involve crimes?

Many people attend college in Montevallo, while others visit the city to tour its museums, nature parks and/or art shows. On a recent Wednesday afternoon, however, this Alabama town became the scene of a terrible tragedy. The incident was one of many car accidents that have happened here.

Although details of the exact events leading up to the horrific accident have not been published, it is known that at some point, gun shots were fired at people inside the car. One of gunshot victims was actually driving the vehicle and was involved in a collision moments later. After the shots were fired, the car veered off the road and smashed into a tree.

Car accidents often involve more than cars

An Alabama college football star was recently involved in a collision. As is often the case with car accidents, another type of vehicle was involved in the incident. Robert Foster, heretofore known as one of the best athletes in the nation, was apparently riding a dirt bike when the accident that injured him occurred.

The collision happened in a parking lot on campus. The wide receiver said he was on his dirt bike at the athletic center on campus when a car struck him. Although he suffered no broken bones, Foster had to undergo more than 27 stitches in his back and wrist due to his injuries. Several posts about the accident were published on Facebook and Twitter but have since been removed. At this time, no reports have been issued as to whether Foster will be able to begin summer camp exercises when the time comes.

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