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Trucking accidents often involve turning maneuver collisions

A family in Alabama is mourning a great loss following a tragic motor vehicle accident. Sadly, trucking accidents like this one often end in fatalities. In this particular incident, a 22-year-old man died as a result of his injuries.

The situation took place at approximately 5 a.m. on a recent Sunday. Amid other traffic that was likely present at the time were a tractor-trailer and a car that was being driven by the young man who died. The massive truck had, at some point, attempted to make a left-hand turn. That's when disaster struck.

How can men stay positive after a divorce?

Are you trying to cope with life after divorce? When a couple go their separate ways, both will feel the pangs of separation no matter whose idea the divorce happened to be.

There is lot of information online about how women can deal with the difficult emotional effects of post-divorce life, but what about men? Men need to take care of themselves, too, and here's how they can go about staying emotionally stable as they recover after a separation.

Failure to use mirrors may cause motorcycle accidents

Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy traveling Alabama roadways, either as part of large groups of travelers or as lone riders. Hopefully, anyone operating a motorcycle is properly licensed to do so and closely adhering to all posted road signs and existing traffic regulations. Other motorists often cause significant risks to bikers, however; in fact, those who fail to use their side-view mirrors often cause motorcycle accidents.

Most motorcyclists know how to position their vehicles within their lanes of travel so as to make themselves as visible as possible to surrounding drivers. This does not necessarily mean every driver is paying attention. If someone behind the wheel of a car or truck fails to check his or her vehicle mirrors, an upcoming motorcycle may not be seen.

Car accidents often lead to litigation in Alabama

Many Alabama residents know what it's like to get an unexpected phone call telling of a loved one's untimely death. Car accidents are often to blame for such tragedies and when investigators dig deeper into events that may have led to a particular collision, driver negligence is often found to have been a causal factor. Just recently, three people ranging in ages from 28 to 42 were traveling together when the unthinkable occurred.

It was a late afternoon on a recent Wednesday when the three were making their way along U.S. 72. There also happened to be a tractor-trailer on the same highway. Although all the details of the situation have not yet been determined, it is known that at some point the car apparently drove straight into the back of the massive truck.

Speed on the water increases chances of boating accidents

Not every emergency call due to vehicular accidents happens on an Alabama roadway. The state's waterways are often the scenes of boating accidents as well, which can be just as tragic as collisions that take place on solid ground. One such tragedy occurred on a recent Monday, resulting in a fatality and injuries to two others.

It was just after 7 p.m. when the boat crash happened. The vessel was a 28-foot console boat. The captain of the vessel was a 56-year-old man. Authorities believe he was traveling at an excessive rate of speed when his boat smashed into a sand bar.

Car accidents often leave some grieving while others rejoice

A horrific accident occurred recently in Alabama. The situation involved two vehicles and resulted in utter devastation. Car accidents like this one often leave some people grieving while others give thanks that their loved one survived.

A highly decorated athlete who received a college scholarship for her efforts on the softball field was one of the motorists involved in the recent crash. Her family said she was on her way to go horseback riding with a friend when the accident occurred. Thankfully, the 19-year-old survived her severe injuries and is expected to make a complete recovery.

A DUI in Alabama carries very serious penalties

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offense that endangers the life, bodily health and personal possessions of others. For that reason, and because it has a serious impact on the rate of automobile accidents, Alabama has a no-nonsense approach to those accused of DUI offenses.

A DUI conviction can have a profound impact on your future. In addition to any legal penalties, you will likely lose your license. You'll get saddled with a criminal record, which could result in the loss of your job. It could also make it much harder to get another job in the future. Even rental houses can be harder to come by when you have a criminal record related to drugs or alcohol.

Poor use of mirrors often associated with motorcycle accidents

Many Alabama residents enjoy traveling by motorcycle. Of course, you need a special license to do so in this and all other states. It can be a risky way to navigate busy state highways, however, because negligent motorists in other vehicles often cause motorcycle accidents when they fail to use their mirrors properly or otherwise adhere to traffic laws.

Motorcycle operators can increase their chances of reaching their destinations unscathed by following safety recommendations, such as making sure they position themselves where they are visible to surrounding motorists. No matter how cautious and alert you may be when riding a motorcycle, if another driver nearby is negligent, you are at great risk for injury. Sadly, many motorcycle collisions are fatal; accident victims who survive their injuries are often encumbered with long, arduous recoveries.

Dangerous merging maneuvers can cause trucking accidents

Alabama Interstate 65 was shut down for more than eight hours following a terrible vehicle crash on a recent Tuesday. Merge areas are often the scenes of trucking accidents, which appears to have been the case in this particular situation. Sadly, one of the drivers involved in the collision was unable to survive his injuries. Several other people were also injured in the crash.

It was just about 1 p.m. when the accident occurred. A vehicle was reportedly entering the highway to travel in a northbound direction. The car is said to have collided with a tractor-trailer on the roadway.

Fatal Alabama truck accident leaves questions unanswered

Anyone who has every traveled heavily laden traffic areas in Alabama understands how stressful driving in such circumstances can be. Sections of road where mergers take place are particularly difficult to navigate at times as made evident by a recent fatal collision. The truck accident involved multiple vehicles and also prompted questions that were not able to be answered at the time.

A tanker traveling northbound on I-65 reportedly collided with a vehicle that was merging onto the highway. The massive truck swerved upon impact then jack-knifed and struck a nearby signpost. After overturning completely, the truck wound up in the southbound lane. Contents from the tanker spilled onto the road, although there was some confusion as to what type of chemical it was due to apparent paperwork errors.

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