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June 2016 Archives

Alabama car accidents often involve children

It is always tragic when lives are lost in motor vehicle crashes in Alabama. When victims of car accidents are children, the sorrow of such situations is often intensified. By law, anyone who suffers the untimely death of an immediate family member due to the negligence of another motorist is able to seek recourse through the legal system by filing a wrongful death claim in court.

Alabama car accidents: Fatal collision results in an arrest

Father's Day is a time of celebrating and honoring the role models in a person's life. For many, it is a day of family togetherness and fellowship. Unfortunately, car accidents can quickly turn such a day into one of mourning. One Alabama family is now likely grieving over the loss of their loved one following a collision that police say was caused by a woman who was driving under the influence.

Alabama motorcycle accidents too often prove fatal

Many people enjoy navigating the beautiful roadways of Alabama by way of motorcycle. Although such travel can be fun and exciting, when motorcycle accidents occur, the results are often devastating. In a recent incident, a terrible crash led to the arrest of one of the men involved.

First Steps After Being Charged With DUI

After being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), it can be difficult to determine what to do next. Be aware that the steps you take now can have an impact on the outcome of your case. Here are some tips on how to proceed:

Recovering losses after boating accidents in Alabama

Suffering personal injury because of another person's negligence typically has an immediate and long-lasting negative effect on one's life. Alabama is full of interesting and beautiful waterways that many people frequent for fun and recreation. When boating accidents occur, however, all the fun turns to distress.

Alabama car accidents often result in multiple fatalities

When Alabama motorists take to the roadways, they do not typically expect to become involved in serious collisions resulting in multiple fatalities. Due to negligence or reckless behavior behind the wheel, however, tragic car accidents occur all too often. Loved ones left to grieve their irreplaceable losses are protected by law with the right to seek justice on behalf of deceased immediate family members whose deaths were caused by the negligence of other motorists.

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