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September 2016 Archives

Regulations pertaining to trucking accidents different from cars

Alabama motorists and all others who travel by vehicle in the United States are obligated to act with caution, in accordance with all applicable traffic regulations, to keep themselves and those who share the roadways safe. Trucking accidents and other tragedies often wreak chaos on state highways. Injured victims considering filing civil claims will want to seek clarification regarding the differences between trucking rules and those pertaining to cars.

Is Forensic Evidence Valid?

Forensic techniques such as firearms identification, bite mark analysis, footwear analysis and microscopic hair comparisons have become commonplace in the criminal justice system. They are frequently used to prove that someone is guilty of a crime. However, a new report from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) claims that these techniques may not be as reliable as the public has been led to believe.

Boating accidents surefire ways to ruin vacations

Many people in Alabama work long, hard hours, saving everything they earn just to be able to get away once in a while for a few days of recreation. Some choose to spend their vacations on the water -- swimming, fishing, sailing or all of the above. Various problems can arise that bring otherwise great vacations to screeching halts; at the top of the list is boating accidents, especially those caused by another party's negligence.

Alabama crash scene one of many fatal motorcycle accidents

The nation's highways are shared by hundreds of thousands of travelers who occupy many different types of vehicles. In Alabama and other states, motorcycle accidents and other collisions often occur. Many such incidents end tragically, with multiple deaths and/or serious injuries to victims.

Alabama car accidents:

Maintaining appropriate road position is necessary for all motorists to keep themselves and others sharing the roadways safe. Car accidents are caused by any number of factors, often including vehicles that drift into other lanes of traffic. One such incident occurred recently in Alabama; sadly, the collision resulted in a fatality and injury to another.

Alabama car accidents like this one make intersections dangerous

Not all Alabama children travel to and from school on buses. Many live near enough to their schools that they are able to walk to classes in the morning, then home again at the end of the day. As is the case for all pedestrians, students on foot are at risk for potential car accidents at intersections and other busy stretches of road, especially if drivers are not paying attention.

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