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February 2017 Archives

Is your spouse hiding assets in your divorce?

Divorce is hard enough without having to worry that your spouse is concealing and converting valuable marital assets to his or her own personal property. While some attempts to hide assets are quite transparent, others are downright devious. Read on to learn ways that a dishonest ex can attempt to cheat you out of what is rightfully yours during a divorce.

Warmer weather equals more boating accidents

Along with more hours of sunlight and warmer temperatures, many people in Alabama are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring so they can participate in water activities. From wetland exploration to swimming and/or fishing excursions, state waterways have much to offer visitors and residents alike. Sadly, along with increased water traffic comes more boating accidents.

Serious car accidents sometimes lead to criminal trials

Just before 9 p.m. in Nov. 2012, a tragedy took place on an Alabama road. A driver who was reportedly acting quite recklessly behind the wheel struck down a 16-year-old boy in his path as he crossed the street. Authorities say the posted speed limit in the area was 35 miles per hour, but the man had been going at least 50 miles per hour. Car accidents involving children are especially tragic.

Fatal car accidents often involve lack of proper seat restraint

Whether on an Alabama highway or any other road across the nation, those traveling by motor vehicle are required to use appropriate seat restraints. There are specific laws to govern such matters and some drivers have received citations for being behind the wheel without using seat belts. Generally speaking, when car accidents occur involving drivers and/or passengers not using seat belts at the time, injuries are often severe, if not fatal.

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