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May 2017 Archives

Full speed ahead toward justice after Alabama car accidents

Traveling in excess of posted speed limits on Alabama roads is not only unsafe, it's against the law. Many motorists know how unsettling it can be when a speeding vehicle screeches to a stop, inches away from one's bumper in traffic. Some drivers are also aware of the pain and devastation that can result when such attempts to come to abrupt halts fail, resulting in car accidents that leave one or more people severely injured.

What are the long-term consequences of my DUI conviction?

When a Montgomery police officer arrests you on a drunk driving charge, it can be very frightening going through the process of getting booked in jail. Maybe you were just driving home from a party, or driving home from work, when you were suddenly surprised by the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Maybe you innocently lost control of your vehicle, and police suspected you of being drunk when you definitely were not.

Trucking accidents often cause lengthy delays on Alabama roads

Alabama travelers don't always reach their destinations on time. Sometimes, highways heavily laden with traffic or poor weather conditions are the reason. Other obstacles may cause significant travel delays as well, such as trucking accidents or construction work on the road.

Hoisting the sails of justice after Alabama boating accidents

Alabama waterways are often full of tourists and residents seeking a little rest and relaxation from their busy lives. From fishing expeditions to water skiing or cruises, time on the water is often enjoyable and refreshing. When boating accidents occur, however, all the fun can quickly drain away.

Alabama car accidents often prompt extensive investigations

When two or more motor vehicles collide on an Alabama roadway, the exact cause of the crash is not always immediately apparent. When car accidents prompt more questions than answers, investigators may have to start back at square one to find out what happened. The investigation following a recent incident remains ongoing at this time.

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