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Traveling in excess of posted speed limits on Alabama roads is not only unsafe, it's against the law. Many motorists know how unsettling it can be when a speeding vehicle screeches to a stop, inches away from one's bumper in traffic. Some drivers are also aware of the pain and devastation that can result when such attempts to come to abrupt halts fail, resulting in car accidents that leave one or more people severely injured.

Incidents like this are often found to have been entirely preventable were it not for the poor driving choice to fly along in traffic well above the legal speed limit. The sounds of squealing brakes and crashing metal often haunt recovering accident victims for years. Anger and frustration often sets in when they think of how easily the other drivers could have avoided the collisions. Criminal charges are often filed against reckless drivers who cause accidents that result in injury.

Above and beyond any criminal charges filed, an injured victim also has a right to file a claim in a civil court against any and all parties deemed responsible. As a plaintiff, a recovering victim carries the burden of proof. Chances of winning a victory are often increased by turning to experienced personal injury attorneys for help.

The Law Offices of Vickers, White and Griffin, PLLC is fully prepared to investigate car accidents in Alabama on behalf of any victim who wishes to seek full compensation for damages in court. Our experienced legal team can enlist third-party testimonies when appropriate to help substantiate a claim. If you'd like to discuss a particular situation, you may access the contact form available on our website to request a meeting.

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