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June 2017 Archives

Car accidents often involve more than cars

An Alabama college football star was recently involved in a collision. As is often the case with car accidents, another type of vehicle was involved in the incident. Robert Foster, heretofore known as one of the best athletes in the nation, was apparently riding a dirt bike when the accident that injured him occurred.

Car accidents often lead to more questions than answers

When a person is killed in a motor vehicle accident, it's natural for loved ones who survive a victim to search for answers as to what or whom caused their family member's death. Many times, The exact causes of many car accidents are not immediately apparent. Investigators often have their work cut out for them when it comes to piecing together details to determine the exact reasons two or more vehicles collided.

Delayed onset pain often means serious injuries

After a car accident, you may think that you somehow got away without any serious injuries, and may even choose to forego getting a proper medical examination. After all, if you weren't injured, why should you go to the trouble of a professional medical screening?

It's always tragic when bus, truck or car accidents involve teens

Many Alabama high school parents know what it's like to send their young sons and daughters off on trips with other chaperones. School field trips, sporting events and beach trips are not uncommon among today's high school students. Some students also get the opportunity to travel abroad on mission trips. When bus, truck or car accidents occur en route, parents' lives are completely devastated in an instant if they learn their own sons or daughters were involved.

Car accidents involving prominent community members tragic

When a well-known member of an Alabama town is killed in a fatal motor vehicle collision, it usually has a long-lasting impact on the entire community. A radio engineer, known and highly respected in the industry, and his wife were both recent victims in a terrible crash. Those deemed to have caused the accident were arrested and charged with serious crimes. These types of car accidents are always tragic, especially when they may have been preventable.

Alabama officer says children suffering in car accidents is worst

Some Alabama roads seem to be more dangerous than others when it comes to motor vehicle travel. In fact, following a horrendous crash on Highway 79, the coroner said it was one of six fatal car accidents in one week's time. Several people died in the recent collision, which involved two vehicles and a teenage driver.

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