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August 2017 Archives

Fatal Alabama truck accident leaves questions unanswered

Anyone who has every traveled heavily laden traffic areas in Alabama understands how stressful driving in such circumstances can be. Sections of road where mergers take place are particularly difficult to navigate at times as made evident by a recent fatal collision. The truck accident involved multiple vehicles and also prompted questions that were not able to be answered at the time.

Alabama car accidents possible anytime, even on Sunday morning

One can only imagine how awful it would be to get a phone call from Alabama police officers telling of a tragic motor vehicle collision involving a loved one. While Sunday mornings are not typically known as a common time for serious car accidents, the fact is they can happy just about anytime and anyplace. A recent crash in Russell County resulted in one fatality and prompted Phenix City police to launch a full investigation.

Is my business marital property?

When a couple chooses to divorce, risks that neither of them ever considered shift to the forefront, often leaving one or both spouses scrambling to protect themselves and their property from potentially devastating property division.

Alabama troopers don't always have answers re trucking accidents

When Alabama police officers and rescue workers are called to the scene of an accident, they aren't always able to determine the exact cause of a particular incident. Sometimes, investigators must work long and hard to piece together possible details that may have led to a collision. When those injured in trucking accidents identify others as possibly liable for their injuries, waiting for investigations to conclude can be very stressful.

Who determines who's legally accountable for car accidents?

When you're driving on an Alabama roadway and another vehicle suddenly collides with yours, life as you knew it may never be the same. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may spend the following weeks, months (even years) in doctors' offices, physical therapy centers and perhaps counseling sessions if you are struggling to overcome the emotional trauma of the accident. Car accidents often become etched in victims' minds forever, as though a tape recording is stuck and keeps replaying itself over and over again.

Details often sketchy in car accidents involving multiple cars

Alabama investigators often face tremendous challenges trying to determine what the leading causal factors of a particular motor vehicle collision might have been. Especially in car accidents involving several vehicles, the exact cause, and whether any one motorist in particular was responsible, is not always immediately apparent. In fact, these types of investigations can take weeks or even months; then again, some questions may remain unanswered forever.

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