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Expungement Law in Montgomery, AL

Our dedicated expungement law attorneys in Montgomery, AL, are very familiar with the steps which are necessary components of affecting the best outcome for sealing or expunging your records. During your consultation at The Law Offices Of Vickers & White, PLLC we make certain to cover all of the relevant details of your case, so your best day in court is carefully crafted by our committed team of skilled attorneys.

criminal expugmnent

Critical Information for Clients

We Are Always Focused on Providing the Following Critical Information to Our Clients:

  • Whether Or Not Your Particular Offense Is Eligible for Expungement
  • Whether Or Not You Are Eligible for Expungement
  • What the Process Of Expungement Will Involve for Your Case
  • Keeping You Informed About the Consequences Of Expungement

Expungement Law Lawyers Who Care About Your Future

Our expungement law lawyers at The Law Offices Of Vickers & White, PLLC are aware of just how much the outcome of your legal endeavors can benefit your life in the future. It’s our job to help you move on from the stigma and inconvenience of your mistakes. When you get your records sealed or expunged, depending on our state’s laws, you can look forward to the following:

  • Records Will No Longer Be Available To the Public
  • No Necessary Disclosure for Job Applications
  • No Necessary Disclosure When Applying for Housing
  • No Necessary Disclosure When Applying for Certain Types Of Education

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